Su Alti Taaruz (SAT)


Su Alti Taaruz or S.A.T. (Underwater Assault Teams) are the counterparts of the US Navy Seals.


Their main tasks are:

- Surveillance on enemy structures, facilities, defense systems or strategically relevant buildings.
- Covert sabotage against naval units and/or enemy structures.
- Covert landing and infiltration.
- Reconnaissance on beaches being considered for amphibious landing operations.
- Determining secure landing paths.
- Underwater recon within 2.5 m deep water/beach corridors.
- Direct action during first wave of landing missions.
- Hostage/POW/downed pilot rescue.
- Counter-terrorism missions.
- Close Quarter Combat.


The training period of the Turkish Naval Special Forces, which lasts 49 weeks, is shorter than that of the OKK. It starts off with a 5-week-long Indoctrination period, followed by three consecutive training phases, and then Airborne Training and Special Ops Training.

Training and Duration:
BUD/S: Indoctrination Period – 5 weeks Phase I (Basic conditioning + Hell Week) – 9 weeks
Phase II (Diving) – 8 weeks
Phase III (Land Warfare) – 9 weeks
Post BUD/S:
Airborne Training – 3 weeks
Special Ops Technical Training – 2 weeks
Medical Training – 30 weeks
Platoon Training – 18 months





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