Brig. Gen. John Deedrick Deputy Commanding General for the 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne) commands the Color Guard to present the Colors during the 1st SFC(A) 48th annual Memorial Day ceremony on May 25, 2016 on Fort Bragg, NC. Services Members and families attended the annual Memorial Day ceremony to honor fallen Soldiers of 1SFC(A) and veterans from the Special Forces Association. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Steven Young/Released)

Special Forces Command Honors Fallen

FT BRAGG, NC (SFC Ronald Hall) — Greek philosopher Socrates once stated, “No man is truly dead until he is no longer remembered.” The 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne) and the Special Forces Association hold that saying to heart as they ensured the fallen members and veterans of the 1st SFC (A) remain immortalized forever.

Families, friends, and Soldiers gathered to pay their respect and honor the fallen heroes across the four regiments, of the 1st SFC (A) during the unit’s memorial ceremony at the U.S. Army Special Operations Command Memorial Plaza on Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

The memorial ceremony honored Soldiers from all Special Forces Groups, the 95th Civil Affairs Brigade, 4th and 8th Military Information Support Operations Groups, 528th Sustainment Brigade, and veterans from the U.S. Army Special Forces Association.

“Memorial Day is a day of solemn mourning, but it is also a day of reverent celebration–a celebration of men and women who dared all, who gave all so that we might continue to enjoy the freedoms and benefits of this great nation,” said Brig. Gen. John Deedrick, 1st SFC (A) Deputy Commanding General.

Deedrick and U.S. Army retired Col. John Tobin, president of the Special Forces Association, laid a wreath at the base of the Special Warfare Memorial Statue also known as “Bronze Bruce” to commemorate the life and legacy of Soldiers who sacrificed their life to defend our nation and protect our liberties. During the ceremony, each name of the service member that has passed due to both combat and non-combat related death were called in remembrance of their service.

“The narrator will soon read the names of our fallen,” Deedrick added. “We need to pause and reflect on all those service members who sacrificed so much so that we might continue our lives in freedom and security.”

Tobin shared his remarks before each name was read from the final manifest as a bell was rung honoring each individual who served with distinction in the regiment.

“Today we celebrate the lives of the men who continue the tradition,” Tobin said.

The 1st SFC (A) continue to recognize the many Soldiers who have served in the regiment by coming together to celebrate their life and honor their memory.

“On Memorial Day we often hear lest we forget, we who are with them can never forget for they are with us every day,” Tobin said. “Today we celebrate for I refuse to mourn these brave men on days when warriors gather, their stories will again be told and they will be forever young and we will be young also.”



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