Afghan Commandos Practice Medical Evacuations


BALKH PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Medics from the Afghan National Army’s 5th Commando Kandak trained on the proper loading and unloading of casualties onto medical evacuation aircraft in Mazar-E Sharif, Dec. 27. The commandos partnered with members of the 1st Calvary Combat Aviation Brigade medevac crews to complete the training. The primary focus of the training was properly securing a casualty …

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AFSOC Helps Shape Future of Afghan Medicine


HERAT PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Eight airmen making up a special operations medical team are currently deployed to Afghanistan from the 1st Special Operations Support Squadron at Hurlburt Field, Fla. The core mission of this team is to give the special operations community a surgical capability on outside the wire missions. The team has two sections. The first is the special …

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Technology Adds Realism to Khaan Quest


ULAANBATAR, Mongolia – This scene was experienced by Korean special operations service members with the Republic of Korea’s 21st Battalion, International Peacekeeping Force, during the the combat lifesaver course, the first of seven training phases they participated in during the field-training exercise portion of Exercise Khaan Quest 2011, at Five Hills Training Area near Ulaanbatar, Mongolia, Aug. 3. The squad …

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Prosthesis Helps MOH Hero Stay with Rangers


WASHINGTON, DC – “There was a little bit of a meat skirt, for lack of better words, hanging around the edges. It was oozing. I could see the radius and ulna bone sticking up maybe about half an inch.” Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Petry, who will have the Medal of Honor placed around his neck July 12, 2011, by the …

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One Standard for SOF Medics: TCCC


ZADAR, Croatia – With more and more European partner nation Special Operation Forces (SOF) participating in ISAF operations, having medical personnel available to save the lives of wounded personnel in austere and sometimes dangerous environments is of critical importance. Medical personnel, regardless of nation, must be trained in and armed with the appropriate medical equipment and procedures corresponding to each …

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SOF Medic Rescues Girl Shot in Head

FARAH, Afghanistan – U.S. Special Operations Forces provided medical treatment to an injured young girl who was shot in the head by insurgent forces in the village of Diware Surkh on April 14. Insurgents attacked with small arms fire while Afghan National Army and USSOF forces were working to establish a new ANA checkpoint in Diware Surk, an area which …

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Special Forces Medics Aid Victims After Suicide Attack

PAKTIA PROVINCE, Afghanistan – U.S. Special Forces medics from Special Operations Task Force – East treated several victims after multiple suicide bombers attacked an Afghan National Security Forces training site in Jaji District, Paktia province April 14. Three ANSF were killed and another five injured when the first bomber detonated his vest near the training area gate. A second bomber …

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Specialized Prosthetics Being Developed for Active Duty SEALs

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA – The Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Foundation and Quality of Life Plus (QL+) teamed-up to create prosthetic limbs for active duty SEALs. The QL+ team is made up of two three-man teams of graduate level students who build the specialized prosthetics. The California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo based project began January 2010 and the …

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Amputee Graduates from Special Forces Sniper Course

WASHINGTON, DC – John Wayne has toured Afghanistan and Iraq, hunted grizzly bears in Alaska and earned the Silver Star; and as of July, he is the first one-legged Soldier to graduate the Special Forces Sniper Course. Staff Sgt. John Wayne Walding of Groesbeck, Texas, that is. In April 2008, Walding and nine other Special Forces Soldiers from a 3rd …

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SF Soldier Takes First Jump with Prosthetic

GRENADA, MS – Faced with a long recovery and the reality that he might never run, surf or return to his Special Forces team, Army Staff Sgt. Andre Murnane made the decision last year to have his right leg amputated below the knee after it was shattered by a roadside bomb that detonated in eastern Afghanistan. “My dreams and ambitions …

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