SERE, DAGRE, Aircrew Practice Personnel Recovery Ops


KADENA AIR BASE, Japan – The jungle floor is slick and damp, making traversing the terrain markedly difficult, especially when you are not only attempting to evade opposition, but also recover personnel. Survival, escape, resist and evade (SERE) specialists and deployed aircraft ground response element (DAGRE) team members from the 353rd Special Operations Group, members of the 17th Special Operations …

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Recon Marines Honor Fallen Brothers During Warrior Challenge 2016


OKINAWA, Japan – The day before Thanksgiving, 3d Reconnaissance Battalion, an impressive unit of the United States Marine Corps, held their annual Warrior Challenge, which honors Marines from the battalion who have been killed in action. The day started at 5:30 a.m. and consisted of a nine-mile ruck with several stations throughout the course that challenged these Marines physically and …

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Jackal Stone 2016 Strengthens Ties in Georgia


TBLISI, Georgia – U.S. Special Forces Soldiers and forces from the State Security Services of Georgia participated in exercise Jackal Stone 2016, here during the first two weeks of August. The exercise was designed to stress and build interoperability between U.S. and Georgian counter terrorism forces and interagency partners while providing mission command nodes the opportunity to exercise their systems. …

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Special Forces Support Soldiers Get Tactical Tune-up at Two-Week Course


TORII STATION, Okinawa – The first sergeant’s words bounced off the shoot house walls like the sim-rounds being fired through the Special Forces support Soldier’s rifles. “We need you to be enablers. To enable, you must be able to enhance our Special Forces missions. In order to do that, you must shoot, move and communicate … in that order, ” …

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ARNG Helicopter Task Force Completes Europe SOF


STUTTGART, Germany (SSG Whetstone) – An Army National Guard Helicopter task force completed the first aviation support rotation of its kind in Europe. The multi-state unit from Colorado, Kansas and Utah brought U.S. and allied special operations forces, in the Special Operations Command Europe area of responsibility, the ability to train from new heights, literally, from July to October 2016. …

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Seizing an Airfield


KADENA AIR BASE, Japan –  Standing at the edge of the open ramp on an MC-130J Commando II, 13,000 feet above their target with the cold wind whipping through the aircraft, they wait for the green light and the aircraft’s loadmaster to give the go sign allowing them to jump from the ramp and parachute in to take their target. …

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27th SOW Tests New Capabilities in Unfamiliar Terrain


In late July, for the very first time, the 27th Special Operations Wing conducted a full mission profile (FMP) hundreds of miles away in the mountainous terrain of Utah and Colorado. The training provided Air Commandos with the chance to identify their strengths and weaknesses in an unfamiliar location while also testing brand new mission capabilities. “This exercise provided the …

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DAGRE Airmen Complete Humanitarian, Disaster Relief Exercise


KADENA AIR FORCE BASE, JAPAN – Sweat glistens on his face, his eyes peer back and forth, weapon at the ready and watching for any movement. As the old saying goes, practice like you play, because for deployed aircraft ground response element (DAGRE) Airmen, there’s no room for anything but success. Airman from the 353rd Special Operations Group participated in …

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Paratroopers Reinforce Bonds During IJW2016


STUTTGART, Germany (SSG Larraine Whetstone) – Special Operations Command Europe hosted the 2nd Annual International Jump Week, here, July 25-29. Sixty-seven foreign jumpers from Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, and the United Kingdom joined forces with U.S. military members to perform high-altitude, low-opening and static line jumps from MC-130J aircraft from 352nd Special Operations Wing and CH-47 …

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Special Forces, Florida National Guard Unite for Maritime Exercise


STARKE, FL (SSG Carmen Fleischmann) – The name “special forces” has always been synonymous with “elite.” Their missions are generally kept quiet, and they’re seldom in front of the public. That doesn’t mean they work alone. During its annual training, the 83rd Troop Command’s, 3rd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group take on a range of high-paced events that together serve a …

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