Special Operations Videos

MARSOC’s 10th Anniversary

1st Marine Raider Battalion conducts ground training at Camp Pendleton. August, 1015. Photo by Vance Jacobs.

Celebrating 10 Years: MARSOC’s lineage is deeply rooted in personal stories of valor, both past and present. The legacy forged by the Raiders of WWII is carried on by today’s Raiders that have gone forth in the wars against terrorism around the globe. Today we celebrate that legacy and the heroes that built it.

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8th Annual Recon Challenge


Reconnaissance Marines compete in the 8th Annual Recon Challenge May 20, 2016, aboard Camp Pendleton, California. The challenge consisted of 22, two-man teams on a 23-mile trek through the hills of Camp Pendleton, beginning with a one kilometer open-water swim off the shore of San Onofre Beach. Throughout the course the participants were challenged mentally and physically on basic reconnaissance …

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The Battle of Tel Askuf


Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Charles Keating IV served as part of the quick reaction force tasked to extract American and Kurdish troops pinned down by ISIS fighters. He fought bravely while putting his own life on the line to save fellow Americans and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters.

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Ranger for Life


J. Christian served with 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment until injuries forced him to become medically separated from the Army. To this day, he continues to live the Ranger Creed and continues to serve his country.

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