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4th Annual JSOC Small Arms Championship

The Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) will be sponsoring the 4th Annual JSOC Small Arms Championship from 27 April to 02 May 2008.

The flyer for the event can be found here:


The event is open to all military (Active, Reserve, National Guard), DoD personnel, and civilians.

See below for specifics on eligibility, registration, rules, lodging, and more indepth informations about the competition.

1. DATES: 27 April – 2 May, 2008.


3. MATCH OFFICIALS: The Championship Director is GySgt Corey Nash. SCAMPI 383-4445, commercial 910-243-4445/4769/4770 SIPR nashc@soc.smil.mil NIPR – nashc@jdi.socom.mil


a. Active Duty Military

b. Reserve Components

c. National Guard

d. DOD Personnel

e. NRA membership is NOT required

f. Civilian: National Match EIC Pistol and Rifle, Long Range Rifle and side matches only. Civilians must comply with CMP Rule 4.0 with the additional age restriction of 18 for Rifle and 21 for Pistol. Rules can be found at the following:

Current Civilian Marksmanship Program Competition Rules 10th edition (available

From The Civilian Marksmanship Program, PO Box 576 Port Clinton, OH 43452;

Email: mailto:copetitiona@odcmp.com ; Web Site: http://www.odcmp.com or http://www.odcmp.com/Competitions.htm ).

5. TEAM REQUIREMENTS: Each team will consist of four firing members. A team may include up to two eligible alternates, who may be substituted for firing members until the time the first shot of the competition is fired. Each team must have a designated captain and may have a designated coach. Captains and coaches who are eligible may also be team firing members or alternates. Team members must be declared prior to the start of the first individual match. Teams consist of four firing m
embers. Two alternate shooters, team captain and coach are optional. Teams with 2 or more expert class shooters may compete in the expert class.

6. COMPETITOR CLASSIFICATION: a. Individual matches. The classification system described below applies to all individual competition except EIC. Competitors are eligible to compete for match winner and awards authorized for their classification (Pro, Open or Novice class). Classification is determined by prior participation in individual events at various levels of competition as described below. 1. Novice Class: A competitor who has not previously fired any weapon, in any individual or team competition, at the US Army Small Arms Championships; Interservice Service Rifle Championships, Quantico, VA; Inter-Service Small Arms Competition (ISSAC); Armed Forces Skill at Arms Meeting (AFSAM); or the US National Matches. WARNING: A Novice Class competitor who incorrectly enters the Open Class will not be changed to the Novice Class and will be required to continue in the class entered. 2. Open Class: A competitor who has previously fired any weapon, in any individual or team competition, at the US Army Small Arms Championships; the Interservice Service Rifle Championships; Inter-Service Small Arms Competition (ISSAC); Armed Forces Skill at Arms Meeting (AFSAM); or the US National Matches. A competitor currently or previously assigned to the USAMU Rifle or Combat Shooting Team; USAR Rifle Team; or All-Guard Rifle Team, (and for sister-service competitors their service’s equivalent). All Soldiers authorized the Distinguished Rifleman’s Badge and President’s Hundred Tab are “Pro” competitors. WARNING: An Open Class competitor who enters the Novice Class and fired in the Novice Class will be disqualified. For example, a competitor who fired in any Rifle individual matches in a previous US Army Small Arms Championship or higher level championship (except in a Junior category) is automatically classified as an Open Class competitor for all Rifle events. b. Excellence-In-Competition (EIC) matches. EIC competition is considered open competition between all eligible competitors who fire an EIC match. Credit points (10, 8, or 6 points) and the appropriate badge (see AR 350-66 and AR 670-1) is awarded to the top scoring 10% of the eligible non-Distinguished competitors. c. NRA Classification. NRA classification and awards systems will not be used in this championship. d. Team Matches: Team competition is open competition and there is no team classification. Team composition is based on a percentage of old and new shooters. In all team matches at least one of the firing members must be a new shooter. 1. Old Shooter. An individual who has previously fired on a team at the US Army Small Arms Championships (All Army); the Interservice Rifle Championships, Quantico VA; Interservice Small Arms Competition (ISSAC); Armed Forces Skill at Arms Meeting (AFSAM); or the US National Matches. 2. New shooter. An individual who has not previously fired on a team in the above matches is considered to be a new shooter for that event.

7. REGISTRATION AND ENTRY:Entries: Match programs and official entry cards will be available when registering. Team representatives should forward a letter of intent (page with a squad/team roster, listing all competitors, support personnel, weapons storage requirements and intended arrival date) by 14 April 2008. E-mail registration entries to MSG Paul Fuentes fuentesp@jdi.socom.mil or fax to (910) 243-0272, or send via US Mail to: Commander, Joint Special Operations Command ATTN: J3 Operations NCO P.O. Box 70239 Fort Bragg, NC 28307-0239 It is strongly encouraged for competitors and teams to pre‑register NLT 01 April 08 by fax, e-mail or regular mail. Rifle Competitors must register no later than 1300 hrs on 26 April 2008 for the purpose of squadding. No rifle registration will be accepted after this time. Walk in/on individual or team entries for pistol only will be accepted if enough slots are available. There will be a cap of 200 shooters for the following matches: Slow Fire, National Match Rifle EIC and National Match Pistol EIC.Family members are encouraged to attend but must have a visitor pass from range control to attend.Pre-registration (before 20 April ’08) cost -$25.00Registration 20 April and beyond – $35.00

8. REPORTING: ALL COMPETITORS must first report to Range 66 E for check-in. Match Headquarters will become operational 0800 hours 26 April 08. All competitors must report NLT 1300 hours, 26 April 08. The initial competitors meeting will be held at Range 66E at 1330 hours on 26 April.

9. RANGE 66 E ACCESSRange 66E access will be controlled by FT Bragg Range Control. Visitor pass information will be published at a later date.

10. WEAPONS SECURITY: Weapons storage will be available if required. Specifics will be issued at the time of check-in.

11. HOUSING: Team Captains/individual entries are responsible for making their team/individual billeting arrangements. The Extended Stay Deluxe will be offering rooms at a discounted/ pier-diem rate. Details will be provided upon pre-registration.

12. COMPETITORS MEETING: A competitors meeting will take place on Range 66E at the Match HQ Tent at 26 April 2008 at 1330 hrs. It is mandatory for all team captains to attend and recommended for all individual shooters.

13. RATIONS: Individual participants will be responsible for coordinating their own sustenance relevant to the match schedule.

14. TRANSPORTATION: Transportation will not be provided to the range. It is each unit’s and competitors responsibility for transportation to and from Range 66E.

15. SQUADDING/ TEAM PACKETS: Competitor packets containing squadding tickets, scorecards and match information will be issued to each competitor upon reporting to Match Headquarters.

16. EMERGENCY CONTACT: In the event of an actual emergency, teams/individual competitors may be contacted through JSOC Operations, phone: DSN 268-8557; commercial (910) 243-0508.

17. UNIFORM: The uniform for all shooting events is the combat (modified) BDU/ACU uniform, BDU/ACU cap and combat boots. Mixed civilian and military clothing is not authorized.

18. CEREMONIES: AWARD CEREMONY: The awards ceremony will take place at McKellars Lodge on Ft. Bragg at 6 PM on May 2nd 2008. All competitors and support personnel and families are urged to attend. Cost for dinner is included in registration fees. Directions will be provided at registration.

19. MISCELLANEOUS MATCH INFORMATION: Non-sanctioned vendors and vendor-run side matches will be conducted on Range 66. All participants are encouraged to participate. More details on side matches will be provided at the initial competitors meeting on 26 April.

20. LOCAL WEATHER CONDITIONS: Local temperatures can range from 58 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. It is very common to have fog in the early mornings and some precipitation. Thunderstorms are also possible at this time of year and should be planned for. Matches will only be delayed in the event of lightning. Be prepared for the worst.

21. DAILY SAFETY BRIEF: All competitors are required to attend the 0730 Safety brief daily. Failure to attend will result in disqualification.

For more information, visit our forum for the specifics of the event: https://www.shadowspear.com/vb/showthread.php?p=153401#post153401

You may also contact:

S-3 Operations and Training USAMU
Ft Benning GA
Comm: (706) 545-7174


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