Kill Bin Laden…and bring back proof! by Dalton Fury

Excerpt from “Dalton Fury”:

“In late November of 2001 forty members of the US Army’s super secret counterterrorist unit known as Delta Force were sent to the Tora Bora Mountains in eastern Afghanistan to kill terrorist mastermind Usama bin Laden. These Delta operators linked up with a handful of CIA operatives, Army Green Berets, British Commandos, Air Force Combat Controllers, and a few Tactical Signal Collectors to lead a small Army of Afghan Muhjahideen against bin Laden and a thousand or so of his most dedicated al Qaeda fighters. Simply by chance, Delta Force troop commander Dalton Fury served as the Ground Force Commander during the Battle of Tora Bora. Fury’s eyewitness account is the never before told true story . . .”


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  1. DF,

    Thank you for your service to the country.

    I wanted to ask what the strangest thing you encountered while in Afghanistan?

    Was there a massive bug that stands out, or some custom or activity that stands out?


    – S

  2. Sir,

    Why wasn't a company or two of Rangers brought in to help? Was it a logistical problem or was it even an issue for debate at the time?

  3. DF,
    Thank you for your service.

    Did the squadron get close to capturing the elusive Bin laden?

  4. DF

    Is the "cat" now out of the bag? Can we do a similiar mission again?

    You are a GREAT amercian! Thank you!

    BTW,you did the right thing to turn back with 2K to go. Under the circumstances, it could have gone very badly.

  5. Maybe someone can clear this up for me. Why wasn't 10th Mountain used in this battle? Was this before they deployed? I think they were at Bagram when this went on. Or was it Uzbekistan? There were 1,000 troops from 10th Mntn. Before I ask DF, does someone recall this?

  6. There seems to be a lot of sympathy for Thomas Greer over writing this book. There is a reason why he is PNG. He broke a sacred vow he made not only to the army but also to his former co-workers. You can try to sugar coat what he's done all you want, but from the men still in the trenches he has done an un-forgivable thing.

    I'm sure he initially wrote the book in alias IOT protect himself and his family. But, because of him certain members of the military (and their family) now have a large bulls-eye painted on their backs. It's common knowledge that when the cartels discovered that certain members of the military parpicitated in the killing of Pablo, they and their families where targeted for murder. Know, with the release of this book fanatics and hostile inteligence services have a place to focus their attention.

    It's pathetic that certain members of the military have to now remove another picture from their walls. If for nothing, just so they don't have to suffer the embarresment everytime they see his face. I have it on good athourity that the only people who agree with the release of this book are the guys who were with him that winter. I guess they feel some sort of personal embaressment over UBL escaping. A true professional would take the lick to his ego and continue to drive on. From this side he just seems like a whiner who wants to blame "higher HQ's". The mark of a true team player is someone who takes the blame along with the rest of the team. Guess what this book will do for the relationship between certain members of the military and their HQ.

    I know someone who won't be getting an invitaion to a black-tied affair this year.


  7. I want to thank DF and all the other operators along with the men and women who serve our country so valiantly. Without these special people we as a nation would not have the freedoms we often take for granted and over look those who have fought, bleed and sometimes paid the ultimate price. So again many thanks and God speed.


    As I just read the book as others did. Many will scorn, holler, rant, rave over the publicity of the book…and keep looking back at things and frown, bicker, and wine(cheese please!). As a leader(suc schools incl.) you learn the you are responsible for every that happens as doesn't happen on and off the OBJ. As I and other will do for times to come…HVTs that are near misses, always come down to what if's. This as other pubs, and books, DF's book does not go into detail as others have or did. I have over the years have come across ref. books, pubs, and personal accounts of Ops, and soldiers on the ground, as self,…and see there is always 2 sides, or multi-sides of the story. Let us savor the honor and risk my fellow Americans, Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, Sailors…((WARRIORS!!!))…take risks day in and day out for the ultimate cause>-GOOD-> I have meet, trained, operated, and work with operators as such US/UK…and I must say they are very capable of what they say and do…they are the DOERS!


  9. Maybe if ego-maniacs like DF spent more time on the enemy and less time on self promotion we would have UBL by now. Selfless service and Silent professionalism will win this war, bad OPSEC and selfishness will prolong it. You can take that Tora Bora boot and put it where it belongs.

  10. As a retired CW3 (AVN) I thank you for your service and pray for all those who serve. There are few "real" heros in todays world – you sir are one of them.

  11. Kill Bin Laden is an awesome book! It explains everything you need to know about our country's best warriors. God Bless America! And God Bless our Troops!

  12. to cqcr…. or dalton infuriated, who ever you are. it is a very well know fact that "higher hq" has been the hamstring to many operations and all things that go with it. the idea to come over the paki side of the mountain wearing o2 masks to cut of obl and his group was exactly what sof forces do. think OUTSIDE the box. for "higher hq" to deny them the chance to follow through with that op is a blatent example of how big army and the like are not capable of understanding that a small handful of men whe are in the right place at the right time with the right stuff are capable of tremendous things. being former sof myself, where i found myself attached many times to conventional units. they never truly understood the asset they had until they abused us, or chastised us for, god forbid we were not "dress right dress" and then they lost us. DF you did the right thing, and i salute you sir.

    sgt. timothy w—-
    swcs psyop spec. course class 03-99
    tpt 1323 afaghanistan 07-08
    det232 iraq 03

  13. Well Said SGT. Timothy!

    If higher HQ and "congress" took the leash off of our SOF and turned their backs, we would probably have UBL and high ranking TAQ by now.

  14. Tim and others like him. The point you are missing: It matters not that HQ denied a ground commander request. Matters not how close you came to the obj. Matters even less that the ground commander may have been right (we'll never know". The point is that no matter where you go, who you go with and what you do while you are there. What matters is that you keep you mouth shut. Win or lose you keep your mouth shut. Right or wrong you keep your mouth shut. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! Silent Professionals and all that. Just because you are in an unit so decried to be a "special" force (PsyOps/CA) in no way makes you qualified to even speak on such things. You are not SF, you are not an Operator. DF is a schmuck. As for ALL the men there backing him…on the OP side, Im sure they are. As a matter of pride who does not want to capture/kill BL or at least die trying. As for them backing this method of crying woulda, shoulda, coulda? Doubtful. DF is a 1%er. He may have had the physical skills, and the mental capacity to pass OTC but his response to being told no is juvenile at best.

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