Blackwater Extreme Escape and Evasion Adventure Race

Blackwater Extreme Racing and Don Mann Productions are proud to announce the Blackwater Escape and Evasion Adventure Race, a distinctive and exciting athletic event unlike any other. The Blackwater E&E will challenge adventure racers, triathletes, military personnel and anyone else looking for an innovative endurance competition.

This 24-hour race will pit teams of two against one another in the traditional adventure racing disciplines of trail running, mountain biking, paddling, and orienteering. But, as the name implies there is more to this race than just reading a map and finding checkpoints. Racers will also be challenged along the course by a series of Special Operations type events and surprises that could only be made possible by the combined expertise of the Blackwater Extreme Racing staff.

Course Design

The faster teams should complete the course in the following timeframe:

• 5-7 hours running/trekking
• 5-7 hours mountain biking on farm roads, dirt roads, paved roads and single track trails.
• 5-7 hours paddling in creeks, large rivers and open water. The paddling will be done in 2 person kayaks/duckies.

Teams will also be:
• Swimming in a lake
• Top-rope climbing
• Rappelling
• Running the BW obstacle course
• Orienteering
• Doing the infamous SEAL team “log PT
• Taking part in other special BW events.

ShadowSpear is registered to complete in this event under its sponsor’s name.

The Blackwater Escape and Evasion Adventure Race will take place November 7-8 in Moyock, North Carolina.

For more information on the race, visit the website at:

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