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1st Special Commando Regiment (1 PSK)

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1st Special Commando Regiment (Polish: 1 Pulk Specjalny Komandosów, 1 PSK) dates back to 1957, when the reconnaissance company, based in the barracks of 16th Assault Squadron, was founded in Krakow. Over the years, the unit changed its location (Dziwnów on Wolin Island) and the nature of organization (the company was transformed to the 1st Assault Battalion). In 1986, it was moved to Lubliniec in Upper Silesia. On 8 October, 1993 a Chief of General Headquarters of Polish Army issued a decree on the formation of a new unit: 1st Special Regiment. The unit reached operational readiness in 1994 and on 23rd November, 1995 the President, at the request of Minister of National Defense, has granted the new unit a banner.

The unit is a continuation of tradition of the following formations:

  • 1st Polish independent Special Battalion
  • National Army Battalion PARASOL
  • Independent Commando company
In addition, being a part of the Regiment, Noncommissioned Officer and Junior Special Operations Specialists School cultivates the heritage of the National Army Battalion ZOŚKA.

Today’s 1st Special Commando Regiment from Lubliniec, directly subordinated to a Commander of Special Forces, is intended for conducting special operations in the country and beyond its borders in conditions of peace, crisis, and war.

The regiment specializes in the following areas of activity:

  1. Special reconnaissance
  2. Direct operations, especially subversive warfare
  3. Military support
  4. Unconventional warfare

1. PSK (1st Special Commando Regiment), took part in the following trainings involving soldiers from other countries – NATO members:

  • 07.1995 – taking part in “DWA ORŁY” exercise, (30 soldiers) along with 10th SFG company `C ‘- exercise area – Wędrzyn
  • 1998 – joint exercises under the code name ” SZTYLET I i II” (250 soldiers)
  • during April and August with groups 1 / 10 SFG, soldiers of 75th Ranger Regiment, the GROM unit – exercise area – south western Poland;
  • 08.1999 – “ARTIST ULAN” exercise with 21st SAS regiment (300 soldiers) exercise area – Bieszczady, Kraków, Rudniki
  • 01.2000 – joint exercises of KGS (50 soldiers) with 10th SFG group – exercise area – Lubliniec
  • 01.2000 – participation of KGS (8 soldiers) in a training in mountains with the German 200th long distance recon company
  • 08.2000 – joint exercises of KGS (48 soldiers) with 10th SFG group, training area – Lubliniec
  • 04.2001 – joint exercises of KGS (50 soldiers) with 10th SFG group, training area – Lubliniec
  • 03.2002 – participation in an international training “Strong Resolve” (130 soldiers) – Słupsk;
  • Autumn 2006 – international training “SHAMROCK KEY” – Lithuania
At present, the unit is in constant contact with 10th SFG of U.S. Army based in Germany, German 200th long distance recon company, Royal Noncommissioned Officer School from Netherlands and with soldiers from Multinational Corps in Szczecin.


Candidates wanting to serve in the Regiment must first successfully undertake a basic military training course. They then move on to a three-month “Junior Specialist” training course. During this phase recruits receive training in close combat, unarmed combat, fighting with specialized equipment, parachuting, land navigation, weapons handling, basic survival, and several other military-related skills. Troops who successfully complete the second phase then move onto the Regiment, where they are assigned to one the unit’s six-man operational teams. Once there, additional training continues (mountain and cold weather training, sniper, amphibious operations, etc.).

Recent Operations

The regiment has been quite active over the last few years with troops being deployed to support NATO operations in the Republic of Macedoniaa during the Kosovo conflict. A 13-man detachment was deployed to Afghanistan as part of Polish support for Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). Most recently the unit has deployed a 56-man company to Iraq as part of the Multinational Division Central South.



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