Serbian Special Operations

72nd Assault Battalion

The 72nd Assault Battalion is one of battalion in Special Brigade units in the Serbian Army. Its main tasks are that of reconnaissance demolition and counter terrorism.

The unit was formed in 1992, headquarters of the unit are located in Pancevo.

Weaponry and Equipment

They are armed with the Serbian-made 7.62 mm and 5.56 mm caliber submachine guns, 5.56 mm South African automatic rifles, 7.62 mm, 7.9 mm and 12.7 mm caliber sniper rifles, 7.62 mm machine guns and various types of pistols and revolvers of their own choice of the heavier weapons, the 72nd Assault Battalion has at its disposal Serbian-made grenade-launchers, bazookas, hand rocket-launchers also of domestic make, the “Wasp” armor-piercing rocket system, and the 60 mm and 82 mm light mortars. Sokolovi (Falcons/Hawks), are equipped and armed with a variety of sophisticated gear, including silencers, optic-electronic devices for night operations, and equipment for temporarily rendering targets helpless.

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