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Afghanistan's Best Commando Competition

The Best Commando Competition featured several events designed to test the commandos’ mental and physical abilities, determination, and endurance. Racing against the clock, participants navigated stations, which tested their knowledge and preparedness in first aid, communications, weapons and fitness, over a mile-long course, while wearing their full uniform and 40 pounds of body armor.

“This friendly competition helps build morale and develop skills and unit cohesion,” said Army Maj. Chris Belcher, Combined Joint Task Force-82 spokesman.

At the first aid station, the commandos were required to properly affix a tourniquet to their own leg as quickly as possible using two cravats and an empty 30-round M4 magazine.

Next, to test their knowledge of communication equipment, the commandos assembled and programmed a field radio and exchanged a few words over the air with a fellow soldier.

Upon arriving at the third station, the commandos found a field-stripped M4 carbine rifle. Participants had to reassemble and effectively engage two targets on the firing range, hitting each target twice.

Nearing the finish line, the Commandos had to muster their remaining strength to accomplish the last two tasks; pushing a 4,500-pound pickup truck about 50 feet before moving on to the pull-up bars to perform as many pull-ups as possible.

The Commandos were scored according to their total time to finish the course and successfully accomplishing all five tasks. The top three performers received certificates, soccer balls, t-shirts and running shoes to mark their achievement.

“This competition was good for the mind and the body,” said an ANA commando sergeant who participated in the competition. “Everyone tried to be the best of the best!”

“During missions our soldiers will be stronger now that they’ve done the competition,” said a commando platoon leader. “They’re becoming more professional and more proficient in key tasks.”


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