Argentine Special Operations

Agrupación de Comandos Anfibios (APCA)

The Amphibious Commandos Group (Spanish: Agrupación de Comandos Anfibios, APCA) is a special operations force of the Argentine Navy, trained to perform quick and objective amphibious reconnaissance, assault raids, and direct action operations. It was created in 1952 by the Vigilance and Security Company of Submarine Bases (today known as Base Naval Mar del Plata).

In 1960 the group received its first advanced training course of amphibious reconnaissance, airborne, and HALO/HAHO parachuting in the Military Diving School and in the Argentine Army. With the personnel of the 7th Marine Corps Company, formed in 1966 the Amphibious Reconnaissance Company, it took new tasks and responsibilities.

The commando course was incorporated in the training in 1973, and in the next year the unit acquired the denomination of Amphibious Commandos Group.

The group participated in 1978 and 1979 in the Marine Corps force deployment in Tierra del Fuego, executing many special operations missions. On April 2, 1982, the unit integrated with the Amphibious Task Force in the Falklands Islands War, participating in the Governor’s House battle, the ambush of Moody Brook, the combat of the South Georgia Islands and the Argentine harbor defense.

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