Belgian Special Operations

Special Forces Group (SFG)

The Special Forces Group (SFG) is specialized in surveillance and information-gathering. The unit owns the heritage of several famous Belgium Special Forces Units.

The unit can be deployed on different operation theatres, in peace time, for crisis response or in war time. Any time and in the smallest possible notice and with only one device “Far Ahead.”

This Unit is open to all Belgian military of all branches with a minimum of four years of service.

Another mission consists of the instruction of security agents deployed in the Belgian Embassies. They are known better under the name of DAS (Detachement d’Agents de Sécurité).


As of April 2000, the SFG headquarters is located in Flawinne, Belgium.

  • Raised: January 1942
  • Redesignated: July 1942, Belgian Independent Parachute Company
  • Redesignated: February 4th 1944, Belgian Special Air Service Squadron
  • Disbanded
  • Raised: 1955, Unité spéciale de recherche/Speciale OpsporingsEenheid
  • Raised: September 1st 1961, Compagnie Equipe Spéciale Reconnaissance/Gespecialiseerde Verkennings Ploegen
  • Redesignated: June 30th 1994, Long Range Recce Patrol
  • Raised: April 2000, Compagnie Special Forces
  • Redesignated: February 2003, Special Forces Group


  • Belgian Independent Parachute Company
  • Belgian Special Air Service Squadron
  • Speciale OpsporingsEenheid
  • Compagnie Equipe Spéciale Reconnaissance/Gespecialiseerde Verkennings Ploegen
  • Long Range Recce Patrol
  • Compagnie Special Forces
  • Special Forces Group
  • Detachement d’Agents de Sécurité

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