Chilean Special Operations


(Translated from the Chilean Army Website)

This specialty battle was born later at the beginning of the 1960’s in the School of Infantry, being transferred to the School of PP. and FF. EE.

The students who choose to make the course, go through five months of different periods of instruction, with the purpose of acquiring abilities and skills to fulfill their missions in any land class and in the most difficult atmospheric conditions. They train in the sea, mountain ranges, forests and deserts, using average terrestrial, marine and aerial environments.

Upon completing the course, they are destined to serve in the Commando Units, to receive additional training in particular conditions and specialties.

The Special Force and Parachute school has graduated Commandos from numerous ranks such as officers and sergeant majors, who constitute troop selections and of the elite within the Army of Chile. It has also formed personal of the Navy, Air Force and Customs who developed their respective specialties. The establishment counts in addition, with the high international prestige, from armies friends, who see in the course of Commandos an effective way contribute to the professional development of their own Units.

On the other hand, those that already count on the specialty can choose other courses, which they constitute sub specializations and improvement in the area, such as:

Commando Instructors

Parabuzos (Earth Air Sea)

Ambush Gunners

The black beret, is the symbol that unites those who are professionals, and who have satisfactorily completed the required courses.


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