Chilean Special Operations

Buzos Tacticos


(Translated from the Chilean Naval Website)

The Tactical Divers of the Navy (Buzos Tacticos), constituent the command group of Chile, and are recognized at national and international level by their high battle capacity. An ability that is fruit of course preparation because 10% of those who initiate the course fail.


An instruction day begins in the morning until six, with a strong emphasis on physical training. This is highly essential for the future tactical divers. The course is designed to be unpredictable, much like the war. The motto of this school is “You who enter voluntary and generally voluntary to go away.” Since the course is a voluntary specialty, 10% of the people withdraw of the course who enter, this means, that 50 enter and approximately 7 or 8 will complete the course.

The difficulty of the training we must understand it in the context in which it is developed, since they are prepared to fight in difficult and adverse atmospheres and in conflicts or war. Many people think that with this hard training, single people without feelings are formed, but in reality it takes into account that the conditions in a war will be always equal or more difficult, and the last thing it needs is impulsive people. One of the first rules of the tactical divers is to “Control its impulses, remembers that he is a tactical diver”.


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