Chilean Special Operations

Combate Especial

(Translated from the Chilean Army Website)

Combate Especial

This specialty is one of but the recent ones within the “secondary specialties” of educational application, whose purpose is to prepare, instruct and train to the training cadre of the groups for its performance in education and practices of hand-to-hand combat the techniques, use of unconventional and technical arms of self-defense, through a course that combines the physical instruction of high performance with the techniques and skills of the martial arts of Eastern origin. All it aims to wake up the aggressive spirit, to educate the victory desire and to strengthen in the soldier the security and confidence in itself and its means.

Course Objective

To form and to renew the expert training cadre in combat under special conditions who guards by the doctrine, evolution, and improvement of the discipline that combat under special conditions conforms, adapting the martial arts as applications in battle and incorporation of new forms battle highly effective.


To provide the technical knowledge that allow the future to specialize an efficient performance as an instructor, combatant, and adviser in the matters that combat under special conditions considers. To invigorate the physical training and combative integral of the student. To enable to the students in theoretical, methodological, technical and practical aspects of unconventional warfare.

It is obtained through the course that emphasizes the following points:

Technical area applied to the combat: Tae kwon do, Judo.

Unconventional arms. Bayonet fencing, Land exercises.
Scientific area humanist: Methodology, Anatomy, and Physiology.

The intensive and deep preparation enables the specialist: To plan, program, orient, direct, make, and evaluate the instruction and training of groups and to integrate special units.


Véncete para Vencer

“I conserve single my honor, the memory of the good that reaches and it does not shake passion to me some. Before overcoming my enemies I learned to overcome same me to me”. Bernardine Or’ Higgins. (Letter to Juan Martin de Pueyrredon; It files, 15 of November of 1823).


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