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Commando De Penfentenyo

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Commando De Penfentenyo is one of 5 Naval Special Forces units including Commando Hubert, Jaubert, de Montfort, and Trepel .

The total number of all these commandos is about 400 men. Each commando (unit) is composed of about 80 men, divided into four sections with 20 elements each. The marine commandos each have some specific capabilities: shore line-targeting, underwater infiltration (Special Reconnaissance), nautical raids at sea, ship boarding, extraction, participation in CSAR at sea (Direct Action), VIP-escort and co-operation (Military Advising).

Within the marine commandos, each one has its own area of specialty:

• Commando Hubert: under-water special warfare

• Commando Jaubert and Trepel: sea-assault missions and evacuation / extraction of personnel in amphibious areas

Commando De Pententenyo: special reconnaissance in maritime infrastructure and installations

• Commando De Montfort: long range neutralization and special support (sabotage, light missiles, and guidance of artillery and CAS)

All of these commandos, except for Hubert, are located in Lorient. Commando Hubert is situated in Saint Mandrier.

(The following has been translated from French)

Heir to the units of France created during the second World War in Great Britain, this commando bears the name of Penfentenyo de Kervéréguin, who was mortally wounded on February 12, 1946, on Donaï in Indo-China.

The commando of Penfentenyo is based in Lorient. He specializes in site recognition, maritime installations, and in tactical information for operation preparation (palmeurs group, collection of information, infiltration and exfiltration of personnel, exfiltration to the sea without collection, various support…).

The commando of Penfentenyo has carried out several things in the last few years. Operations in Bosnia (1992), a Malebo mission in ex-Zaire (1996), a Neptune mission at sea of North and several in the TAAF (Southern Lands and Antarctiques Françaises) including one with the commando of Montfort in 1997, another on board Nîvose in January/February 2003.


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