French Special Operations


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The Escouade de Contre-Terrorisme et de Libération d’Otages (ECTLO, “counter-terrorist and hostages rescue squad”), formerly named Groupe de Combat en Milieu Clos’ (GCMC, “close quarters combat group”) is a special operations group of the French Navy specialized in maritime anti-terrorism. It is mainly composite of circa 30 men, split in two groups of 15 people, one under Commando Jaubert command, the other under Commando Trepel command.

The GCMC was founded in 1994, in the tradition of the former Élément Léger d’Intervention Spéciale (ELIS, “special intervention light unit”). It is under direct command of COFUSCO. It has been renamed ECTLO in 2001.

The then-GCMC, backed by the commando Hubert and other units, is credited with the arrest of Momcilo Krajisnik in April 2000.

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