Chilean Special Operations

Escuela de Paracaidistas

(Translated from the Chilean Army Website)

The first Course of Commandos in the Army of Chile was developed between the 1 of October and the 30 of November of 1962, in the School of Infantry, with 19 students and 6 instructors and the consultant’s office of personnel of “Rangers” and “Special Forces” of the Army of the EE.UU of N.A. The following year a second Course of Commandos was made in the School of Infantry with 37 students and 10 instructors.

These academic activities constitute the genesis of the Parachute school and Special Forces of the Army of Chile, as well as of the secondary specialties are distributed.

The institutional High Command in 1964, has the creation a Unit of Parachutists, in agreement decrees the then Army Commander-in-Chief to it, Army commander Don Bernardino Parada Moreno.

The Battalion of Parachutists is born thus to the Institutional life of the Army of Chile., being made the 20 of August of 1965, the first jump in parachute from a C-47 airship, instituting itself that date like the “Day of the Parachutist”.

Soon, when the Battalion already had Parachutists and Commandos, it happened to denominate the parachute school and special forces.

Later, the establishment acquires like patronímico name the one of “Parachute school and Special Forces, of Army commander Don Bernardino Parada Moreno”.

From year 1985, one arranged that the Special specialty battle was integrated like third secondary specialty of this important Institute.

At the present time, the School has the responsibility to distribute in addition, the subspecialties of Jumpmasters, Guide of Launching, Technician of Packing and Maintenance of Parachute, Combat under special conditions, Free Jump Sport Military man, Military Free Jump, T.A.M. (Earth, Air and Sea), Placed in ambush Gunner, Instructors of Commandos and Aerial Assault.

It has been training the specialist personnel of the rest of the Institutions of the National defense and members of Armies of countries the friends who have asked for it.

By acquired prestige, by its mystic and professionalism, the educational personnel and instructional of the FF.EE and Parachute school of our Army is required constantly to distribute courses of training of Special Forces abroad.

It is as well as its personnel and its means have allowed to participate in the most important events of the nation, fulfilling its operative and sport educational missions him, of instruction, of mobilization, with outstanding professionalism.

Their permanent update in Tactics and Techniques of their scope, are carried out through annual commissions of outstanding personnel in Armies of foreign powers friends and by means of the combined training of advanced level, with means concentrated in the country and the outside.


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