Argentine Special Operations

Fuerza de Despliegue Rápido (FDR)

The Rapid Deployment Force (Spanish: Fuerza de Despliegue Rápido, FDR) is a joint special operations division of the Argentine Armed Forces and the Argentine National Gendarmerie especially trained to give a quick and effective military response to any eventual attack against the country.

The service is mainly composite of air assault, airborne, light infantry, reconnaissance and commando troops, and light helicopters; also artillery, engineers, air transport, and communications companies are constantly ready to assist and support the group. As of 2006 it consists of:

National Gendermerie

  • Scorpion Group

Special Operations Forces Group

  • 601st Commando Company
  • 601st Air Assault Regiment
  • 602nd Commando Company

One of the objectives of the modernization process for the Argentine Army was to manage an enabled force that could move quickly to any crisis.

According to the Argentine Army website (Translated):

The FDR will be organized, equipped and instructed with organic means of the Army to operate to requirement, in immediate form in any zone of the country, in order to provide to the high conduction of the Force an operational, efficient and fast instrument to act in situations that they require of the immediate use of the force.

The FDR must have a high capacity of preparation and reaction that allows him to be used in the designated place. It will be instructed in the execution of basic tactical operations and complementary, for which it is properly equipped. It could be displaced in organic means of transport of the Force Army. In addition, it will be able to execute commando operations and special forces of high complexity.

Two commando companies will depend on her in organic form, along with an aerial shock battalion, a battalion of assault helicopters, and a slight reconnaissance company.

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