Brazilian Special Operations

Grupamento de Mergulhadores de Combate (GRUMEC)

The Group of Combat Divers (Grupamento de Mergulhadores de CombateGRUMEC) is a unit of special forces of the Navy of Brazil, fellow creature to the United States SEAL and the British Special Boats Service. Its function is to infiltrate, without being perceived, in littoral and marginal areas and to execute tasks such as recognition, sabotage and destruction of targets of strategic value.

The GRUMEC was created in 1973 and is subordinated to the Force of Submarines, which supplies its main one to it of transport half. The teams of the GRUMEC are carried until the neighborhoods of the target for a submarine, from which they leave swimming, in kayaks or inflatable boats that still can be launched of the submarine under the water. The GRUMEC can also reach its objective by parachuting or disembarking from helicopters.

The members of the GRUMEC are volunteers who pass per eighteen weeks of training in varied abilities, between them diving, parachuting, firearms, disarmed combat, demolition and survival, all through rigorous physical training. Less of the half of the candidates it starts with, complete the training.

The GRUMEC is part of the Special Group of Retaken and Rescue (GERR), a unit of counter-terrorism specialized in retaking ships, maritime platforms and other installations, known tactics as VBSS (Vessel Boarding Search and Seizure). Inside of the GERR, the GRUMEC trains regularly in set with the Battalion Tonelero, a similar, however subordinated unit to the Body of Marines, in the molds of the former USMC-SOC (United States Marine Corps Expeditionary UnitSpecial Operations Capable – Unit Member of an expedition of the Body of Joined Marines of the State – Capable of Operations Special).

The GRUMEC is, nowadays, one of best equipped and trained teams of the Brazilian Armed Forces, together with the Special Forces of the Army and the PARASAR of the Brazilian Air Force.


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