Norwegian Special Operations

Hærens Jegerkommando (HJK)


Hærens Jegerkommando (HJK) is a special forces unit of the Norwegian military. It is the armed forces competence center for commando, airborne and counter terrorist duty in the Norwegian Army. Its headquarters are located 30 km. north of Elverum in the south east Norway, at Rena leir military base.

Hærens Jegerkommando directly translated to English means:

* “the Army’s”( Hærens )
* “hunter/huntsman (which in Norwegian military terminology, relates to scouts (involved in reconnaisance)” ( Jeger )
* “an administrative/operative command” (kommando ).

(English translations of the unit’s name, include:

* “Army’s Special Forces Command”, “Army’s Reconnaisance Command”, “Army’s Ranger Command” or possibly “Army Huntsmen Command”)


Name Changes

The unit was established as Hærens Fallskjermjegerskole in 1962. The unit was renamed Hærens Jegerskole in 1968, and its location was Trandum (near Jessheim). Today’s name was reached in 1997.


Headquarters are at Rena leir military base, which received its first active units in 1997 after the base had been constructed in 1993–96.


HJK is a special unit (Another special unit is, Marinejegerkommandoen or MJK).

HJK has a large HQ unit and a paratrooper unit, which trains personnel from all branches of the Norwegian military organization in parachute operations. The Pathfinder platoon is part of the HJK training cadre and consists of conscripts deemed suitable for service in the unit after a selection period. The role of this unit is to annually train one platoon of jump-qualified recce soldiers.

Chain of Command

The Hærens Jegerkommando together with the Forsvarets Spesialkommando are under a command named FSK-HJK. The FSK-HJK itself is under direct command of the General Inspector of the Army.

Missions Outside of Norway


HJK was the first special forces unit to enter Pristina. The HJK’s mission was to level the negotiating field between the belligerent parties, and to fine-tune the detailed, local deals needed to implement the peace deal between the Serbians and the Kosovo Albanians.


On 23 July, 2007 HJK lieutenant Tor Arne Lau Henriksen was killed in a short and intense close quarters engagement between a Norwegian special forces reconnaissance patrol and hostile fighters in Logar Province, Afghanistan.

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