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K-Commando (K-Komando) is a special unit of the Estonian Criminal Police, created at the beginning of the 1990s. It is a police special force and it is solving typical police work related issues as hostages situation, riot management, high risk raids and vip protection. The name K-Commando comes from the name of the groups former commisar Lembit Kolk (retired). They were trained by the FBI and many other foreign advisors.

It is known for it’s fearsome reputation and high professionalism. Selection to unit is rigorous and after all the tests the rest of the team will have a vote on a new member. When the result of a vote is consensus, only then a new member is accepted to the unit. Of course the recruit has to been in the police force for a quite long time.

The number of members is undisclosed and so far none of the unit member has got wounded or killed. Unit operates under the command of the Central Crime Police (Keskkriminaalpolitsei). K-Komando is one of the only special units in Estonia.

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