Latvian Special Operations

Speciālo Uzdevumu Vienība (SUV)

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Speciālo Uzdevumu Vienība (Special Purpose/Tasks Unit, SUV) is a special operations unit of the Latvian Armed Forces.

Probably the best trained military unit of Latvia, it consists of combat divers, airborne forces and snipers. It was founded shortly after the country got back its independence and the armed forces were refounded. Its equipment and weaponry includes the Heckler & Koch MP5 and the Steyr AUG.

The unit is developed in a way, which allows it to provide assistance to state security and law-enforcement institutions in counter-terrorist operations and perform special tasks within the entire range of military operations: defense, attack and detention operations, airborne, sea landing and underwater operations, operations in a special environment (built-up territories, forests, limited visibility conditions, mountains,arctic and cold weather conditions, deserts and hot weather conditions), as well as search and rescue operations in collaboration with the Naval and Air Forces.

The main mission of SUV is to:

  • Perform special operations for national defense and security interests;
  • Participate in counter-terrorist operations;
  • Perform search and rescue operations on land and sea.

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