Spanish Special Operations

Mando de Operaciones Especiales (MOE)

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The Mando de Operaciones Especiales (Special Operations Command – MOE) is integrated in the Nucleus of Support to the Maneuvering force with the function to take part in certain missions that by their characteristics, cannot be assumed by conventional forces. The missions tasked to the green berets are the operations of direct action (attacks against important targets or use of close air support, capture or recovery of personnel, guidance of missiles, etc.), special reconnaissance (information on enemy activities, location of special arms, verification of produced damages, etc.), and the training of allied forces or extensions of the conflict to enemy rear.


Within the Special Operations Command, lies several Special Forces Groups:

  • Batallón de Cuartel General
  • Grupo de Operaciones Especiales III (GOE III)
  • Grupo de Operaciones Especiales IV (GOE IV)
  • Grupo de Operaciones Especiales XIX (GOE XIX)

These units can also operate with others in joint humanitarian efforts, including support of noncombatant evacuation or aid to the civil populace.

The Special Operations Command was created in 1997 like the heir of the six Groups of Operaciones Especiales (GOE). These units observed the inclusion of a guerrilla tradition that was constituted formally in the Ground forces as of 1962.

The Headquarters of the Special Operations Command settled down initially in Jaca (Huesca) and at the end of 1999 it was transferred to his new location in Rabasa (Alicante). The Headquarters of MOE is made up of Flat Greater of Control, Headquarters company and is a unit full of experience. The subordinate operative units of MOE are the Special Command groups Valencia III, with base in Alicante, and Third of Ampurdán IV, located in Barcelona, and the Flag of Special Operations “C.L. Maderal Oleaga” XIX of the Legion, located in Round (Malaga).

These units maintain a professional organic structure that it allows them to carryout special reconnaissance patrols and direct action, made up of a maximum of six individuals (a captain or lieutenant, a sergeant, and several soldiers).

Aside from general special operations skills and abilities, each one of its components has a concrete specialty such as navigation, weaponry, explosives & sabotage, communications, and/or medical. The actions of these element are coordinated from an operational base, normally located within its own or allied territory, that is made up of communication & operations centers, medical support and isolation, and a satellite base which provides air assets.


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