Malaysian Special Operations

Pasukan Khas Udara (PASKAU)


PASKAU (Pasukan Khas Udara; Special Air Team) is a unit of the Royal Malaysian Air Force. The squad was created in the 1970s after the covert attacked by the Malayan Communist Party were the communist agents attacked with high explosion mortar from the outside RMAF airbase and one of the DHC-4 Carribou airplane was completely destroyed. This unit was originally known as Handau. Handau underwent reorganization and was renamed as PASKAU in 1996.


PASKAU is capable of conducting

  1. CSAR, to rescue a friendly pilot or soldier in enemy territory
  2. Marking of targets with Laser Target Designators.
  3. RMAF air base security.
  4. Counter-terrorism.
  5. Close Quarters Battle (CQB).
  6. Hostage Rescue.
  7. Unconventional Warfare
  8. Intelligence
  9. Urban Terrain (FIBUA)
  10. HALO/HAHO.

PASKAU is highly capable in performing hostage rescue operations in any situation and is regarded the premier anti-hijack response for civil and military aircraft. This task was taken over from Grup Gerak Khas (Army Commandos). Paskau troopers are recognized by their light blue-colored beret.


  • Sidearms: Browning HP, Glock 17, Glock 18, Glock 19, Sig Sauer P226.
  • Shotguns: Classified.
  • Submachineguns: HK MP5A5, HK MP5SD2.
  • Sniper Rifles: Accuracy International AWM, HK G3 SG-1, HK PSG-1.
  • Assault Rifles: Colt M4A1, Colt M16A1, Sig 552, Steyr AUG.
  • Machineguns: Classified
  • Grenade Launchers: M203.

MP5SD is usually equipped with tactical lights, laser designators and EOTech sights.


Now, PASKAU units have the two branches of special units to protected the High Value assets in Royal Malaysian Air Force. It was then called Force Protection Team and elite Assault Wings Squadrons (Skuadron Sayap Tempur) to counter the aircraft hijacked and covert encounter.

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