Filipino Special Operations

Special Warfare Group (SWAG)


Special Warfare Group (SWAG) is an elite unit of the Philippine Navy trained in special operations, sabotage, psychological and unconventional warfare. It specializes in sea, air and land (SEAL) operations ranging from reconnaissance, close combat, demolition, intelligence and underwater operations in support to the overall naval operations. The SWAG gained prominence in a number of anti-terrorist strike operations, most notably against the Abu Sayyaf Group.

The SWAG is known for its highly physically demanding training program for prospective members, which usually involves a weeklong sleep deprivation exercise and a cross provincial swim from Manila to Cavite.


The Naval Special Warfare Group (NAVSOG: Naval Special Operations Group) or Special Warfare Group (SWAG) is the Fleet’s elite forces for unconventional warfare and special operations of the Philippines’ Navy. It specializes in sea, air and land (SEAL) operations ranging from reconnaissance, close combat, demolition, intelligence and underwater operations in support to the overall naval operations.

There are similarities between the Philippine Navy Special Warfare Group and the US Navy Special Warfare Command. They were taught, prepared and operate in the same manner. The PN SEALS (actually called SWAGs) also wear a trident similar to their US Navy counterparts. On the other hand, the local counterpart of the Counter-Terrorism specialists DEVGRU (formally called Naval Special Warfare Development Group) in the country is the Special Reaction Group (SRG) which is operating directly under Naval Intelligence.


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  1. Been training with these boys sometimes,they are our step brothers in the philippine navy.These Boys are Tops! never did mind hanging with them…But back here We Marines are the Top of the Foodchain and its the way of the third world chaos here.God Bless this Frogmen…See ya boys down south

  2. magagaling ang mga sundalo natin sa pinas kaya lang kulang tayo sa mkabagong kagamitan, sana pag tuonan ng pansin ng pangulo natin yan, more power philippine navy.

  3. these fine men have the capability but they are making due with aging weapons and equipment. i bet their capabilities in their respective field of operations would vastly improve IF our president here even bothered to at least, modernize our country's armed forces to a same level or at least, closely similar level to their US counterparts.

  4. I was with these guys in 1987, there are a lot of good, well-trained grunts in this outfit, unfortunately not as well-equipped as they should be. Balls, however, are brass. OOOHAAAA!

  5. My dad worked with these guys when he was in UDT 12(which later turned into SEAL SDV team 1). He said they were alot of fun trained all day and partied all night he said the Tai SEALs were great guys too. He also got to work with their counter terror unit when he got to SEAL team 6(DEVGRU). I leave in september with a SEAL contract hopefully i'll get to train with these guys when I get to the teams

  6. I'm proud of this guys,yes,they lack sophisticated weapons and gadgets,but,they're the best among the best.go boys!aja!!..for the filipinos!!mabuhay ang mga NSWAG..

  7. …a judicious observer can pronounce upon such group of top guns with certainty..workin'side by side with the few and the prouds…whooaAAH!

  8. Philippines NAVSOC SWAG are some of the best Special Operations Units The Philippines has to offer, one reason being they are trainned by their US SEAL counterparts in Cavite to a very high level under US Instruction. Philippins SWAG are well trained , disciplined who will then go into combat and counter insurgency missions in Mindeno,maritime ops and often after service,go on to be Presidential Bodyguards,maritime anti piracy operators and commerical divers.
    Samson Ops

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