Special Operations Forces in Iraq

Special Operations Forces in Iraq, by Leigh Neville, provides a brief, yet comprehensive overview of special operations forces (SOF) from around the world that have participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Not only does the book present a description of the various task forces operating in theater, it also discusses a number of recently declassified special operations. The book details the personal accounts and experiences of SOF personnel who have operated in country.

While that alone could easily fill up 64 pages, Neville still managed to squeeze in a rather thorough description of the operator’s weaponry and kit (I’m talking right down to the brand of gloves worn).

The book highlights the many SOF successes in Iraq, which like Afghanistan, has proven their significance in achieving strategic objectives in both modern and asymmetric warfare.

Bottom line: The book is a must read for those interested in learning more about Special Operations Forces in Iraq.

Special Operations Forces in Iraq. By Leigh Neville, Osprey Publications, New York, 2008, 64 pgs.


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