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Sri Lanka Army Commando Regiment (CR)


The Sri Lanka Army Commando Regiment (CR) is an elite special operations unit which is a Regiment of the Sri Lanka army. Within one of the three Army Commando Regiments there is a 140-man counter-terrorist unit that provides the primary Counter-Terrorism response for Sri Lanka. This unit was created in 1980 and is based in Ganemulla, a suburb of Colombo. The units used 20 man teams which are split into four 4-8 man assault units. They have received training from Great Britain, India, Israel and Pakistan. Approximately 40 per cent of the Regiments are airborne qualified. The three Commando Regiments and three Special Forces Regiments are grouped into an Independent Brigade under the command of a Brigadier. Approximately 40 percent of the two Commando Regiments are airborne qualified, either in Pakistan (training now discontinued), India or in Sri Lanka itself. It may operate in conjunction with the Special Boat Squadron of the Sri Lanka Navy, although this has not been confirmed.


Commando squadron was formed in Gemunu Watch ‘B’ Camp at Diyatalawa and Maj S.D. Peiris (GW) was appointed Officer Commanding. Shortly after that, the Squadron received specialized training in anti-terrorist and anti – hijack techniques conducted by the members of the elite Special Air Services Regiment of Britain. The Commandos were later trained in parachuting at Agra, India and they performed their maiden display during Army Day celebrations on 10 October 1980. 04 December 1980, the Squadron moved to its new premises in Ganemulla. In 1981 the Commandos were employed in counter terrorist operations in Jaffna for the first time. It also performs special duties in the Presidential Security Division. The Commando Regiment has only 3 Regular units.


Current CR roles are believed to include

  • Protection of senior Sri Lankan dignitaries and VVIPs.
  • Intelligence collection in the deep and medium battlespace.
  • Battlespace preparation by sabotage and offensive raiding in the medium battlespace.
  • Anti–hijack and Counter Terrorism operations inside Sri Lanka territory in conjunction with police forces.
  • Hostage rescue-related operations.

Notable Members

  • Maj. Gen. Percy Fernando

Order of Precedence

Preceded by:
Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment

Succeeded by:
Special Forces Regiment

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