Honduran Special Operations

Tropas Especiales de Selva y Operaciones Nocturnas (TESON)

Tropas Especiales de Selva y Operaciones Nocturnas (TESON) are a group of elite troops found within the El Segundo Batallon de Infanteria Aerotransportada (El Tactico). TESON specializes in night time special operations and jungle warfare.


The TESON trainee is required to complete a training program which includes schools similar to that of the US Army Airborne and Ranger Schools. US Army Rangers from Ft Benning initially served as the training cadre for the Honduran trainees until they were to the point of training themselves. The initial training was conducted at the Honduran paratrooper base in Tamara. The training is regarded as very difficult, emphasizing extreme physical and mental stress.

Advanced training was conducted close to the Nicaragua border in the La Mosquitia jungle. Jungle warfare and night operations were the primary focuses of instruction. Trainees would also learn jungle survival skills. The jungle training phase was regarded as being physically and mentally demanding due to the rigorous nonstop training operations.




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