Colombian Special Operations

Brigada de Fuerzas Especiales


The Brigada de Fuerzas Especiales (Special Forces Brigade) in Colombia were created through the Resolution 011 of 1970, issued by the General Command of the Army which called for the establishment of a Special Forces unit.


In order to begin with the training architecture, a plan of instruction for the key personnel was established for those who had the specialties of Lancero or Contraguerrillero and Paracaidista with the purpose of training troops capable of performing special missions outside the national territory, in whose execution methods, procedures, and techniques could not and can not be met by regular troops.

The Special Forces are a strategic element that are used under the direction of the unified command and provides the capacity necessary to conduct unconventional military operations inside enemy territory and occupied territory.

The Rifle Battalion is not only is the oldest unit of the Army of Colombia, it was the Honor guard of Simon Bolivar, and he had created what would be Colombia’s first Special Forces Tactical Unit organized to a command or detachment “C” (a company commander and three companies of Special Forces).

Later, a company of Special Forces Helicoportadas would be added with the support of the Air Force.

The army sent officers to the United States to partake in advanced Special Forces training. Unfortunately, they were not airborne qualified, and durign the training, had to be driven to the drop zone in order to simulate infiltration. The second group to go, however, was qualified and conducted the training as it was designed.


The Special Forces Brigade is comprised of four battalions.


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