Colombian Special Operations

Fast Deployment Force (FUDRA)

On December 7th 1999, within the frame of the celebration of the Colombian Infantry Day, the President of the Republic Doctor Andrés Pastrana Arango activated in an imposing military parade, the Army Helicopters battalion in the military base of Tolemaida, which would be called the Fast Deployment Force (FUDRA) of the Colombian Army.

The Fast Deployment Force, “Fudra”, is the symbol of the modernization of the Army and its Troops; it is an antisubversive fight unit composed by three Mobile Brigades and one Special Forces Brigade, equipped with Black Hawk and MI helicopters, from the Army aviation and with the permanent support of the Colombian Air Force with fixed-wings airplanes for transport and combat.
Its mission is to conduct rapid offensive operations against the subversives throughout the Colombian territory where a guerrilla action occurs or any other illegal armed group acts against the Colombian people or of its forces.

The Fast Deployment Force is a unit trained and prepared to operate in the jungles, the mountains, or in the desert. As it says its motto: any mission, in any place, at any hour, on the best way, ready to win.

With this new Mayor Operative Unit the Army military operative strategy is complemented and the reaction capacity is optimized, which has allowed from the moment of its creation a greater efficiency in the operational results, fortifying in this way the will and capacity of fight of our Troops.

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