The M72 LAW (Light Anti-Tank Weapon, also referred to as the Light Anti-Armor Weapon or LAW) is a portable one-shot 66 mm anti-tank weapon, designed in United States by Talley Defense Systems, produced by Nammo Raufoss AS in Norway.

The weapon consists of a rocket packed inside of a launcher made up of two tubes, one inside the other. While closed, the outer assembly acts as a watertight container for the rocket and the percussion cap-type firing mechanism that activates the rocket. The outer tube contains the trigger, the arming handle, front and rear sights, and the rear cover. The inner tube contains the channel assembly which houses the firing pin assembly, including the detent lever. When extended, the inner tube telescopes outward toward the rear, guided by the channel assembly which rides in an alignment slot in the outer tube’s trigger housing assembly. This causes the detent lever to move under the trigger assembly in the outer tube, both locking the inner tube in the extended position and cocking the weapon. Once armed, the weapon is no longer watertight even if the launcher is collapsed into its original configuration.

When fired, the propellant in the rocket motor completely combusts before leaving the tip of the launcher, producing gases around 1,400 °F (760 °C). The rocket propels the 66 mm warhead forward without significant recoil. As the warhead emerges from the launcher, 6 fins spring out from the base of the rocket tube, stabilizing the warhead’s flight

Once fired the launcher is no longer useful and may be discarded. Due to the single use nature of the weapon, it was issued as a round of ammunition by the Canadian Army and the US Army.

Other Variants

M7266 mm Talley single shot disposable rocket launcher; pre-loaded w/ HEAT rocket
M72A1M72 variant; improved rocket motor
M72A2M72 variant; improved rocket motor
M72A3M72A1/A2 variant; safety upgrades
M72A4M72 variant; rocket optimised for high-penetration; uses improved launcher assembly
M72A5M72A3; uses improved launcher assembly
M72A6M72 variant; rocket w/ low penetration, improved blast effect; uses improved launcher assembly
M72A7M72A6 variant; US Army M72A6 variant for US Navy
M72E8M72A7 variant; Fire-From-Enclosure (FFE) capable rocket motor; uses improved launcher assembly
M72E9M72 variant; rocket w/ improved anti-armour capability; uses improved launcher assembly
M72E10M72 variant; HE-Frag rocket; uses improved launcher assembly

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