SEALs, The US Navy's Elite Fighting Force

Mir Bahmanyar has done it again, but this time with former Navy SEAL, Chris Osman. Cowritten by the author of Shadow Warriors: A History of the US Army Rangers, SEALs provides a comprehensive look into the Navy’s elite special operations force.

Just like most books relating to the subject matter, SEALs begins by explaining the unit itself, the team structure, the training/selection cycle, modern history, and so on. It also provides a number of rare interviews and first-hand accounts from the special operators that have been there and done that.

The book is also filled with numerous color photographs (approximately 200) throughout, basically mirroring the appealing Shadow Warriors format. Approximately half the book is dedicated solely to the SEAL operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

We highly recommend SEALs to anyone interested in learning more about the Navy’s elite. The book is endorsed by a number of well known special operators, including Marcus Luttrell, the author of Lone Survivor:

“For those readers looking to become SEALs I suggest you read this book cover to cover and then read it again… For those readers just wanting to gain knowledge and an understanding about the SEALs and the SEAL community there is no other book you need read…”

SEALs, The US Navy’s Elite Fighting Force. By Mir Bahmanyar and Chris Osman, Osprey Publications, New York, 2008, 256 pgs.


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  1. Excllent Book!!! It Has TONS Of Information!! These Gentelmen Have Done An Extrodnary Job, From A Been There Done That Point Of View. I Have Not Read A Better Book In A Long Time!!! Thaks Guys!!!

  2. Honestly, without a doubt, one of the best books about SEALs I've read. For you all that think you've read it all, or keep finding repeditive information. This is the book to read to extend your knowledge about the Elite. HooYah.

  3. I have this book. its good. The photos are very good. It's totally different to Marcus Luttrel's book which is awesome,but the huge difference between it and an old but great book about the seals called brave men dark waters shows how far this group have come in almost every way possible in the last 25 or so years.Well done guys and thank you for fighting for freedom for the rest of us hooyah

  4. i got this book after seeing it on this website and i love it! i think the best part is when they talk about Fallujah i knew i wanted to be a SEAL but after reading that i want to be a SEAL sniper.

    five stars

  5. This is the best book I have ever read about the Navy SEALs! It gives the reader a complete look into what being a SEAL is all about — TWO THUMBS UP!


  6. haven't read it yet, but I'm really eager to do it. will try to find this book on the net, but if I fail want to ask: is there any chance for me to buy this book somewhere?

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