Cambodian Special Operations

911 Para-Commando Battalion

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The 911 Para-Commando Battalion, which is based west of Phnom Penh. Most of the 911 Para Commando battalion graduated from the Indonesian army’s special force, Kopassus, so the 911 Para Commando Battalion is very similar to the Kopassus Battalion. In order to graduate from the school, all cadets have to pass the test set. On passing, cadets receive their own red beret and a badge wing. The Battalion has a Navy Seal unit, a Sniper unit and an anti-terrorist unit.

The special forces’ equipment varies from that of the rest of the army. For example, the AK-47 (Type 56) rifle, although reliable and abundant, is not accurate, and is too powerful for safe use by elite units specializing in close quarters combat and hostage situations.

The forces are the first confirmed foreign user of the new QBZ-95 series of a bullpup assault rifles. Technically this rifle is a QBZ-97, a Type 97A added 3-round burst mode and bolt hold-open device, with a different casing made by Jian She Group for export

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