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Cold Response 2009 to Begin

Look out for military activity between 16th and 25th March. The exercise Cold Response 09 will hit parts of Troms and Nordland in Northern Norway.

More than 7000 soldiers from 13 nations will this year participate in Exercise Cold Response. Most of these will be land forces that will be easy to spot in the exercise area. In addition, both naval and air forces will be well represented at the exercise.

Cold Response has traditionally been visited by a great number of special forces. This year, about 700 of the participants are special forces. The participants will be trained at deploying military quick reaction forces into an area of crisis. They will have to handle situations ranging from high intensity warfare to terror threats and mass demonstrations.

The soldiers will have to find a balance between securing security for the local population and fighting the enemy with military force. The forces will also be trained in an international environment where they will have to communicate with a common language and operate with common procedures.


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