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Iraqi Special Operations Forces Demonstrate Capabilities

Normally, the ISOF does this under cover of darkness with no one watching, but today they wanted the world to see how they perform their jobs. With major U.S. media present and many leaders of both coalition and Iraqi forces looking on, the Iraqi counter terrorism force performed flawlessly and showed their skills.

“We have a strong response to terrorists in Iraq,” said a senior Iraqi special operations officer. “We have coordinated strategic planning with the coalition forces to get us ready.”

After the house clearing, the team demonstrated their skills in clearing a village and rescuing yet another hostage. With HUMVEEs roaring down the road, the team poured out, each one performing his job perfectly. The coordinated combat effort was enhanced by the communications used by the team throughout the exercise. Verbal commands were shouted to the team members when a door was breached, a room was cleared, an enemy captured, a hostage rescued and finally the building was safe.

“Through repetitive training improvement and interaction with American counterparts, the training level is being brought up a notch,” said U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Simeon Trombitas, Iraqi national counter-terrorism force-training team deputy commanding general, Multi-National Security Transition Command – Iraq. “Every one of these members is adaptable and with the right equipment, vehicles and ammunition, they will be an integral part of ensuring that Iraq is secure and safe.”

Iraqi army Maj. Gen Fadhil, senior Iraqi commander of the ISOF pointed out the importance of the Iraqi security forces by saying, “Our role is to fight terrorism, protect Iraq against terrorists and to be effective anywhere we go.” He added that working with the American Special Forces soldiers has helped them tremendously.

The Iraqi special operations forces showed what they are capable of today and for Iraq’s future. Through the continuing cooperation with the United States as called for in the Security Agreement signed by the two countries, this force will only continue to get stronger every day.


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