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The Never Quit Grip

The “Never Quit Grip” seems like the practical solution for those of us that bypass the front foregrip/rail system on an M4 and instinctively grasp the magazine well. Developed by Sixell Innovations, the product was developed with that in mind. The creator witnessed numerous operators using the mag well while in training or on an operation, and developed the product “after some in-depth Q & A.” According to the website, the grip is durable and won’t crack in extreme temperatures (hot or cold). It is also easy to install and is oil/UV resisitant.

Price: $24.95

Colors: Black, OD, Desert, Red

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  1. Has ShadowSpear tested this yet? I would be interested in reading your assessment.

  2. yea, ive used it. While it seems great, i still prefer the foregrip. There are some serious issues for me, at least, when I started taking longer shots while grasping the magazine well. And for CQB i felt like i can drive the weapon MUCH more effectively with a foregrip than with the mag well.

  3. I recently purchased this grip and it makes sense ergonomically and is very effective when I do grab at the magwell…I mostly incorporate that grabbing method in CQB environment…

  4. I also do grab the mag well, I will have to purchase this and test it our when I do the house training in my dept. Never seen this before. Very interesting?

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