Filipino Special Operations

1st Scout Ranger Regiment


The Scout Rangers, known officially as the First Scout Ranger Regiment, is the Philippine Army’s primary Special Forces unit, and specializes in anti-guerrilla warfare.

Within the Philippine Armed Forces, the Scout Rangers specialize in small, highly selective strikes, raids, ambuscades, reconnaissance patrols, and other offensive actions. They are the division of choice in the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

In any type of confrontation, the Scout Ranger is expected to put on a spirited fight even if unarmed. However, they are usually armed.

They have a high reputation of doing everything that Command tasks them with — ambuscades, rescue operations, demolitions, airborne assault, even command recovery and control. Rangers are notorious for using every asset they could get hold of, regardless of their support.

The best of the best are furthermore selected to undergo VIP security training with the Presidential Security Group and are then assigned with the unit, based in Malacañang Palace.


Early Establishment

The Scout Ranger Regiment was born on November 25, 1950 under the command of former AFP Vice Chief and Defense Secretary Gen. Rafael “Rocky” Ileto. Named after both the Alamo Scouts and the US Army Rangers, the unit was created due to a growing need to counter the Hukbalahap guerillas with a force trained in small unit actions.

Coup Attempts

Scout Ranger combat units are deployed nationwide. (For security reasons, areas of deployment are classified information and cannot be released. Colonel Mapagu has declined to identify even a general location for his Rangers.)

Scout Rangers participated in the December 1989 coup attempt against the Aquino administration. Led by Cpt. Danilo Lim, Maj Abraham Purugganan and Lt. Col. Rafael Galvez, some 500 Rangers took over Makati in the most destructive coup attempt against the Aquino administration, which left hundreds of civilians and soldiers dead, and hundreds more injured.

They also figured in the July 2003 Oakwood Mutiny, with four Scout Rangers – Capt. Albert T. Baloloy, Capt. Gerardo Orpilla Gambala, Capt. Milo Discutido Maestrecampo, and Capt. Laurence Louis Bumatay Somera – tagged as plotters. 1st Lt. Lawrence San Juan, one of the four escaped Magdalo soldiers who was recently arrested, is also a Scout Ranger.


  • 1st Scout Ranger Regiment
  • Scout Ranger Training Center (Scout Ranger School)
  • 1st Scout Ranger Bn
  • 2nd Scout Ranger Bn
  • 3rd Scout Ranger Bn
  • 4th Scout Ranger Bn
  • 1st Scout Ranger Coy
  • 2nd Scout Ranger Coy
  • 3rd Scout Ranger Coy
  • 4th Scout Ranger Coy
  • 5th Scout Ranger Coy
  • 6th Scout Ranger Coy
  • 7th Scout Ranger Coy
  • 8th Scout Ranger Coy
  • 9th Scout Ranger Coy
  • 10th Scout Ranger Coy
  • 11th Scout Ranger Coy
  • 12th Scout Ranger Coy
  • 14th Scout Ranger Coy
  • 15th Scout Ranger Coy
  • 16th Scout Ranger Coy
  • 17th Scout Ranger Coy
  • 18th Scout Ranger Coy
  • 19th Scout Ranger Coy
  • 20th Scout Ranger Coy

NOTE: **There is no 13th Coy in the SR Organization**


  • Anti-guerilla operations against Huk guerillas.
  • EDSA I Revolution on anti-Marcos operations
  • Anti-guerilla operations against the New People’s Army and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF). After a treaty was concluded between Philippine and MNLF officials, the Scout Rangers fought against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).
  • Anti-terrorist operations against the Abu Sayyaf.
  • Operation Enduring Freedom – Philippines.

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