Hungarian Special Operations

34. Bercsény László Különleges Műveleti Zászlóalj

The 34. Bercsény László Különleges Műveleti Zászlóalj is a Hungarian special forces unit. The 34th László Bercsényi Special Operations Battalion was developed from the 34th Recon Battalion in 2005. NATO supported the creation of the special forces battalion because nowadays most military forces have similiar corps, and it was a necessity for NATO as well. At the end of 2007, the first company was established.


The troops are trained by the Mobile Training Team. The unit is trained in diving, paratrooping, mountain warfare, counter-terrorism, and reconnaissance.

Operational Activity

The Balkans




96M P9RC pistols

KGP-9 submachine guns

MP5A3 submachine guns

M4a1 SOPMOD carbines


PKM machine guns

FN M249 Para machineguns

Gepárd Anti-material rifles

Szép sniper rifles

M24 sniper rifles

Various type of mortars

Various type of anti-tank weapons


HUMVEE jeeps

MercedesBenzG jeeps

Mi-17 Transport helicopters

Mi-24 attack/transport helicopters

Assault boats

AN-26 transports


Hungarian woodland, desert, olive uniforms.

MICH-2001 helmets

US LBV vests

CIRAS vests

HALO gear

Satelite radios

Night Vision devices

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