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Ghillie Tex Tactical Link

The ITW Ghillie Tex Tactical Link is a non-infrared reflective, low cost, plastic gear carrying carabiner. It replaces the expensive metal version that are too heavy and not utilized for their intended purpose. Keep in mind that the Tactical Link is not intended for critical life saving /body mass supporting purposes.

The Tactical Link can hold up to 200 pounds of gear. Hang your gloves, ear protection, or whatever else you hang off metal carabiners with a much lighterweight and color matched purposed designed item made by ITW Nexus. These links are perfectly matched color wise to your gear’s plastic hardware. Use of these are only limited by your imagination and the 200 pound load limit.

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  1. Let me get this straight: soldiers will now need to carry the old metal carabiner for "critical life saving/body mass supporting purposes" AND the new plastic one for everything else (under 200 pounds). I don't see an advantage for the soldier in the field.

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