Navy SEAL Training on San Diego TV News

CORONADO, CA San Diego KSWB Fox 5 News broadcasted parts of their morning show July 21 from Naval Special Warfare Center (NSWC), home of Navy SEAL training, on Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, Calif.

Reporters Chrissy Russo and Shally Zomorodi spoke with NSWC instructors and operators who highlighted Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training.

“Our job is to speak to people who really can’t speak for themselves,” said Russo. “It’s part of my job to show the strengths in the community, and the Navy SEALs are not only a strength in the community but a strength throughout the world.”

During the show, the reporters asked Special Warfare Operator 1st Class David Goggins what kind of person it takes to be a Navy SEAL and what kind of training is involved.

“Anybody can be a SEAL if you have it in your heart,” said Goggins. “Our training is not to break the students down; it’s to build them up.”

Russo reported on special warfare recruiting and the goal of attracting men who want to challenge themselves to achieve beyond the norm.

“I always like to help people realize that they can do more,” said Russo. “I think a lot of people are dreaming about becoming a Navy SEAL, but they get scared and think that the training process is too hard. I really wanted to come out here to show the community that the people training you really want you to succeed.”

The reporters also had the opportunity to see just how physical the training can be by exercising with Navy SEAL candidates who navigated through obstacle courses, did push-ups and performed a series of exercises on the beach.

Navy SEALs are maritime special operations forces who strike from the sea, air and land. SEALs conduct a variety of high-risk, clandestine missions including unconventional warfare, direct action, special reconnaissance, combat search and rescue, diversionary attacks and precision strikes.

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