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Special Boat Team Storage Building Completed

SAN DIEGO, CA Special Boat Team (SBT) 12 and Navy Region Southwest hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony May 14, on Naval Base Coronado to commemorate the opening of the new SBT-12 Storage building.

The $10.5 million facility will replace the current storage area and help enhance efficiency and morale for the team.

“For many years the operators would return from back-to-back training operations with very little time for sleep or space to stow their gear,” said Cmdr. Jeffery Drinkard, commanding officer, SBT-12. “This building not only provides the space for their equipment but a barracks area for them to stay when they train.”

The building was a joint effort between Naval Special Warfare Group 4 and Navy Region Southwest and took 18 months to complete. The two-story facility will provide training, storage, living and office spaces for all troops at SBT-12 when they move in June 1st.

Prior to the new construction, there was limited space for the team according to Chief Master-at-Arms Steven Gingery, who oversaw the project. This new building includes more than 300 storage cages and enables the operators to train and stow gear in a central location permanently.

“I think it’s a beautiful building,” said Drinkard. “This will make a better operator because it will enable them to take care of their gear and these guys work so hard at what they do, they really deserve it.”


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