Maldivian Special Operations

Special Forces

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The Special Forces Team is the elite Special Forces unit of the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF). The unit is specifically involved in situations where it is impediment to regular infantry forces. They are tasked in carrying out a variety of operations in any environment in any part of the country.

Origins and Training

Volunteers from 18th Special Task Forces Team were selected to undergo extensive training. The unit completed its first anti-terrorism tactics training from the Girifushi Training Center. 20 officers were selected from the center to undergo advanced training.

The training was divided into 6 different tasks which was completed in L.Kahdhoo & Gdh.Kadehdhoo. Special forces were trained in Maldives by instructors from various countries. The most difficult and most important training was in weapons and tactics, some of which was completed in Sri Lanka. They were also trained by the Commando regiment school and Special Forces training academy in Maduru Oya, Sri Lanka.

24 officers completed anti-hijacking, hostage rescue, helicopter rapelling, land navigation, and parachute courses in Sri Lanka.

Special forces units are also trained in advanced modern mortar and combat arms training, which is an 8 month course located at the Special forces academy in Maduru Oya, Sri Lanka.

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    1. I was a soldier in the 82nd Airborne Div at Fort Bragg. For many years I have regretted my discharge. I wish I would have just tried to enter another field of training. I know what I am about to tell you may sound a little crazy, but it is absolutely true.
      In 1996, I was involved on a major auto accident that caused me to temporarily loose my memory. For the next several weeks I struggled keeping my sanity because of a chain of visions and many other weird, well they are not weird to me, events. One day I was standing in the street and it was as though the Heavenly Father was speaking through me. Anyways, to the point.
      A word came to me along with a symbol. The word is IWATCHU and the symbol is a circle made with three fingers and at the bottom right of the circle agian three fingers making a line from center to the outside almost like a "Q".
      Well, the word "IWATCHU" is how I found your web sight. How do I get in this spec opps?

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