Afghan Special Operations

ANA Special Forces

The first Afghan National Army Special Forces team finished training on May 12, 2010. The soldiers were selected from the ANA Commando Battalion and the team is modeled after the US Army Special Forces teams.


Initially, all ANA Special Forces candidates came from the Commando Battalion, and required 10 weeks of training. It is expected that Special Forces recruiting will be conducted throughout the army, and the Special Forces training will last approximately 15 weeks.


Commando graduates of the Special Forces course with retain their ‘Commando’ tab and are awarded a Special Forces tab placed on top of the commando tab. They also receive a tan beret.


ANA SF have been attached to US Army Special Forces teams operating in Kandahar province during 2010 operations. In May 2010, the first class of the ANA Special Forces graduated from their 10 week qualification course and moved on to the operational portion of their training. On November 1, 2010 the ANA Special Forces Class 1 received their tan berets in a ceremony at Camp Morehead, Kabul Province, after completing 26 weeks of on-the-job training partnered with US Army Special Forces. The initial selection process involved taking the 145 commandos who volunteered, putting them through a one week qualification process (similar to the one used in the United States), and finding, as in the U.S., that only about half (69) passed. These men formed the first four A-Teams (of 15 men each). Some of those who passed are being used to help American Special Forces troops train the 2nd class of candidates. Special Forces soldiers are trained to focus on interaction with the population through jirgas with village elders, but are also capable of unilateral operations. A second ANA Special Forces class completed training on December 3, 2010


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