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Combat Rescue, Special Tactics Officer Bonus Available

RANDOLPH AFB, TX For the second year in a row, qualified special operations officers are still eligible for a maximum of $80,000 in critical skills retention bonus money if they voluntarily extend their active-duty service commitment for up to four years.

“With the continued high demand for combat rescue and special tactics officers, it’s great news the retention bonus continues to be offered this year, allowing us to retain seasoned experts in this crucial area,” said Maj. Mario Verrett, chief of airfield operations, special tactics, combat rescue, and air liaison officer assignments at the Air Force Personnel Center here. “These are our proud Air Force special operators, and we simply can’t afford to lose the experience and skills of these officers.”

Recognizing the additional necessity to retain these highly trained Airman that are nearing retirement eligibility, Air Force officials included a provision in the critical skills retention bonus that allows those who are less than four years from mandatory retirement to incur a two or three year ADSC.

Approximately 120 officers have been identified as eligible for the bonus. They are eligible for $20,000 per year of additional ADSC they incur.

To qualify for the CSRB, officers must meet several criteria, including, but not limited to, the following:

– Must have a core identification and be fully qualified as a 13DXA Combat Rescue Officer or 13DXB Special Tactics Officer;

– Must not have applied for or have an approved date of separation less than four years out from the 13D CSRB effective date;

– Completed their initial skills training and initial obligation of service ADSCs; and

– Cannot be receiving any other retention bonuses.


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