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RBAV-AF: The PJ Version


According to BAE Systems, a new version of the Releasable Body Armor Vest-Special Forces (RBAV-SF) dubbed the RBAV-AF, was unveiled at the 2011 SHOT Show. The RBAV-AF is a unique version developed in conjunction with the Air Force Special Operations Command Pararescue community.

The new version is similar to the RBAV-SF, currently used by some special operations forces, but include a “non-snagging” system implementing “wire management” in the vest. Besides its stowage capacity, the RBAV-AF also has an integrated hydration system and MOLLE system across the rear of the vest.

In case you’re not familiar with the RBAV-SF system, here is an excerpt from BAE:

The Releasable Body Armor Vest-Special Forces (RBAV-SF) provides a number of features that improve wearer comfort and overall performance over current fielded vests, including adjustable height and girth for exact fit. The RBAV-SF includes an ambidextrous quick-release mechanism that removes the vest in two pieces. This feature is valuable to soldiers in emergency situations where medics are required or quick vest removal is needed. The RBAV-SF is also fully compatible with MOLLE equipment and an array of auxiliary components. Integrated side pockets provide additional space for magazines, radios and other equipment.

The soft ballistic insert to the RBAV-SF is compatible with other vests in the ECLiPSE MVP line. This approach allows for the reconfiguration from a concealable vest to a complete tactical system with load carrying equipment incorporation. Vests in the ECLiPSE MVP line accept ECLiPSE Special Operation Low Visibility Armor (SOLAR™) hard armor, as well as SPEAR BALCS and Modular Supplemental Armor Protection (MSAP) armor systems. ECLiPSE vests are built with state-of-the-art materials and include pockets for hard armor inserts to ensure peak performance mission after mission.

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