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SEALs, Denjaka Commence Silent Iron

JAKARTA, Indonesia The Indonesian Marine Corps Jalamangkara Detachment (Denjaka) and the US Navy SEALs have initiated a three week exercise, codenamed Silent Iron 11-1 2011, in the surrounding areas of Jakarta.

The ceremony to mark the launch of the exercise was help at the Marine Corps 2nd Infantry Brigade Headquarters in Cilandak, South Jakarta on 31 January 2011. It was presided over by Assistant for Operations to the Marine Corps Commander Colonel Kasirun Situmorang.

The exercise will involve 72 Denjaka personnel and 16 US Navy SEALs. It will take place in Jakarta’s Thousand Islands and conclude on 19 February. The training exercise will cover land, sea, and air environments.

More information on Denjaka can be found here.


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