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Pacific Air Commandos Deploy to Support Relief Ops

KADENA AIR BASE, Japan Approximately 100 Airmen and thee MC-130Ps from the 353rd Special Operations Group deployed to Yokota Air Base March 12 to support humanitarian relief operations after an earthquake measuring 8.9 in magnitude hit the Pacific Ocean off the coast of northeastern Japan March 11.

The members of several squadrons in the group stand ready to provide their unique expertise in their respective areas to the Japanese government and multiple organizations supporting relief efforts across the affected area.

“The devastation caused by the earthquake is truly heartbreaking.” said Col. Stephen Bissonnette, deputy commander of the 353rd Special Operations Group. “As part of coordinated relief efforts, the group will work tirelessly with our Japanese counterparts and other relief organizations to help the people affected by the earthquake recover from this disaster.”

The 353rd SOG is able to conduct search and rescue operations, transport emergency response teams, equipment and relief supplies, survey and open airfields and helicopter landing zones with certified air traffic controllers, provide emergent medical care to injured people and assist the Japanese government and other relief agencies with a variety of highly-trained support personnel for Humanitarian Assistance operations.


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