Special Operations

Operation Cooney (1944)

On 7 June 1944, 297 Squadron took part in Operation Cooney by providing 2 of the 9 aircraft of 38 Group that were used to deploy elements of the 4th Free French Parachute Battalion or 2eme RCP (Regiment de Chasseurs Parachutistes) also known as 4th SAS.

These men were to disrupt enemy communications between West Brittany and the remainder of France, and in all 58 Free French soldiers were dropped on no fewer than 18 undefended drop zones between St. Malo and Vannes.

Breaking into eighteen three-man or five-man SAS teams. The teams scattered throughout Brittany destroying railroad targets. As a sign they had passed through they tied railroad ties around trees.

Some raiders then joined the base established by the Dingson team in Saint-Marcel, Morbihan or the base established by the Samwest team in Duault, CĂ´tes d’Armor; which was part of Overlord.



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